We are committed to seeing the Advisors we serve succeed.  In all our consulting we look for what we call “Real Growth”, meaning the Advisor's net income, profitability and valuation increases; all while providing excellence to clients.


Strategic Growth and Infrastructure Consulting

Your business is perfectly designed for the results that it is getting.

Our Strategic Growth and Infrastructure Consulting process takes an in-depth look into where you want your business to be and why, what aspects of your business that are preventing you from real growth, and what additions to your business could help leverage real growth. It is not uncommon for us to discover 1-3 key areas that, if fully addressed, result in a 10-30% increase to the bottom line in a very short amount of time.

For firms that need additional growth after they have addressed the strategic growth and infrastructure consulting, we offer business development consulting.

Business Development Consulting

Business Development consulting looks to scale your firm using existing talents and experiences, while incorporating new strategies that are necessary to reach your desired outcomes. We primarily focus on three different areas of growth which are:

  1. Growth via mergers and acquisitions
  2. "Farming" your business
  3. Marketing and sales processes

Succession and Continuation Planning

What will your business be without you? Who will continue serving your clients when you exit the business? Is your family protected if you were no longer able to serve your clients because of a tragedy?

These are just a few of the important questions that seasoned business owners must face at some point in their career. Being prepared helps bring peace of mind to an often overly complicated aspect of building a successful business. We help Advisors develop succession and continuation plans that protect against the unpredictable, and prepare them for planned business transitions. We believe that each succession and continuation plan needs to incorporate both value and the values that the owner has incorporated over time.