Broker Dealer Affiliated Advisors

For Advisors that want to access management strategies directly through Camelot Portfolios, where we handle account setup, distribution requests, trading, etc. we have secured full selling agreements with the following Broker/Dealers:


Camelot is also available on several proprietary B/D platforms

Note: We generally will not pursue a selling agreement with new B/D unless there is Advisor demand for us to do so. If you would like to be able to access our investment strategies directly, and your B/D is not listed, please contact us to learn more about the possibility of securing a selling agreement.


If you would like to secure a selling agreement for your RIA please feel free to contact Jennifer Rogers at


We offer our investment solutions across many different mediums for many different Advisor business models.

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Platforms - For Advisors that prefer to access our management solutions through a TAMP, custodian, or B/D platform. Operations for these relationships (account processing, distributions, etc.) are handled between the platform team and the Advisor. The Camelot Team is slightly less involved through this distribution channel compared to the direct access described above.

Mutual Funds - For Advisors that want to access our management through one of our mutual fund solutions.