Below are the required forms for opening and/or modifying clients accounts. Please feel free to contact our operations team if you have any questions or need help in completing the required forms.Email: Phone: (419) 794-0538


Applications and Account Maintenance

Camelot Portfolios Application

Request for Proposal

Strategy Change Form

New Folio Account Form - Includes both Camelot & Folio Paperwork*

*Covers all accounts except SIMPLE IRA and TOD accounts. Please also complete the additional forms listed below for the applicable account/s.

Client Handout – How to access your investment account.

Folio Institutional Forms

Schwab & Fidelity Forms - Email


Disclosure Forms for Clients to Keep

ADV Firm Brochure

FOLIOfn Agreement (If opted out of E-Delivery)

SIMPLE IRA Disclosure