Charitable/Planned Giving

Operating in an industry where success is regularly measured by accumulation of wealth can distract us from what truly matters. We believe that generosity should be a regular and intentional part of an investors journey. We are all called to be generous givers, and our experience is that there is great joy to be had from holding money with an open hand.  By offering investment solutions and expertise that allow investors to leverage their wealth for generosity, we aim to give all clients the opportunity to experience the joy that comes from being a generous giver.

We are also committed to leading by example when it comes to generosity. We encourage employees to give personally by offering a gift matching program, we direct a portion of our profits to non-profits that we support, and we encourage staff to donate their time and talent through local volunteer opportunities.

Our team consists of multiple team members with backgrounds in charitable planning, non-profit development and estate planning to help both clients and Advisors leverage assets for charitable purposes.


According to The 2014 U.S. Trust Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy 98.4% of high net worth households gave to charity in 2013. Sadly, of these generous givers, less than half (47%) of high net worth individuals thought that their professional Advisor was good at discussing their personal and charitable goals.

In an effort to simplify the giving conversation for our clients we have incorporated the Camelot Philanthropy Program into our application process. This is a voluntary fee that clients may add to their account, 100% of which is directed to one of our mission-aligned non-profits. Our hope is that this is natural conversation starter for an even deeper conversation about generosity.

Charitable Pooled Trust

The Charitable Pooled Trust (CPT), also known as a Pooled Income Fund, is one of the most beneficial charitable tools for clients that need income from their investments, but also have a desire to pursue charitable aspirations. The CPT is akin to a Charitable Remainder Trust in many ways, but can result in an immediate tax deduction that is 3X greater than that of a CRT.

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