Investment Management 

We manage a wide variety of strategies from basic capital preservation to aggressive equity income. Each strategy is managed for a specific outcome and portfolios are designed using the mix of strategies that best align with client outcomes.  Using strategies such as individually selected laddered bonds and option based portfolios we believe we can serve the needs of more complex portfolios often presented by high net worth clients.


Separately Managed Account/ Model Portfolio Management

We offer 13 Core Strategies that are fully diversified, and an additional 4 specialty strategies that can be used to round out a portfolio with unique needs. Risk associated with each strategy can range from a beta (S&P 500) of <.25 to 1+ and strategies are mixed to balance client risk tolerance and time horizon with desired outcomes.  Please click here to view our results and strategy fact sheets.

Custom Portfolios

Legacy positions, highly concentrated portfolios, unique income needs, etc. can all be situations where a custom approach to investing may be required. We routinely use alternatives, bonds, and the derivative market to both reduce risk and increase cash flow.  From tax management to advanced estate planning concepts, we have a team dedicated to creating a custom solution.

Additional Solutions

Charitable Pooled Trust.png


For clients with a desire to give, a Pooled Income Fund provides a unique opportunity to make a charitable commitment without losing out on the income benefit of their assets. With similar income attributes to a Charitable Gift Annuity or a Charitable Remainder Trust - the Pooled Income Fund can stand out with much higher deduction potential and greater simplicity. As the sub-manager of the investments in this portfolio, we use our expertise selling options to potentially leverage the portfolio's income production while simultaneously targeting risk reduction. Learn more about the Pooled Income Fund here.


The Camelot Team currently manages two mutual funds:

  • Camelot Premium Return Fund
  • Camelot Excalibur Small Cap Income Fund

For more information on our funds, please visit

Hedge Fund

The Camelot Advantage Fund LP is designed to combine the power of private equity with the liquidity of a public investments. It is for accredited investors that have a desire to also make a Kingdom Impact with their wealth. Learn more about the hedge fund by clicking here