Our Passion

Camelot Portfolios was founded by Christian business professionals and strives to operate in a manner that is consistent with biblical principles. Our staff begins each week with group devotional and prayer; the message for which is delivered by alternating members of our staff. We encourage our employees to continuously strengthen their relationship with the Lord by offering regular exposure to faith based development opportunities.

How We Measure Success


We believe the success of our company is a natural byproduct of being good servants. As a firm, we measure success through our ability to positively impact those we serve. 

Advisor Impact

  • Real growth
  • Client retention

Client Impact

  • Desired outcomes met, or on track

Kingdom Impact

Our team is redefining how we measure impact for the Kingdom as a firm. We are currently working to finalize this area in terms of how we quantify success, and would value your feedback. Some metrics that we are currently considering are:

  • Souls saved
  • Lives saved