Camelot Philanthropist Program

Sign up for the the Camelot Portfolio’s Philanthropist Program and add a voluntary charitable contribution to your account where 100% of this contribution is donated to charity.* Choose from high-impact programs that have been vetted by the PIF Foundation based on impact and cost-effectiveness, or choose to list your favorite charity as a beneficiary through the “Go Rogue” program.

*If you choose a “Go Rogue” charity, 90% of your donation will go the charity you name and 10% will go to the PIF Foundation (the sponsor charity for this program). 100% of your contribution to any of the vetted programs (Save A Life, Fight Poverty, or Save A Soul) will go to the program beneficiary.  ***This program does not create a charitable tax deduction for the participant.***  1 Research provided by the PIF Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization. Please visit for a full report and analysis for each of the vetted programs.

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