Camelot's investment solutions are available through the several different TAMPs and propitiatory B/D Platforms. Our existing relationships are listed below. We actively secure new relationships based on demand, if you currently use a platform that is not listed below, and would like access to our management, please contact us to explore the possibility of adding your preferred platform to our lineup.


TAMP - Turnkey Asset Management Platform. According to Investopedia a TAMP is a fee-account technology platform that financial advisors, broker-dealers, insurance companies, banks, law firms and CPA firms can use to oversee their clients’ investment accounts. Turnkey asset management programs (TAMP) free up these professionals’ time to focus on providing clients with service in their areas of expertise, which may not include asset management tasks like investment research and portfolio allocation. TAMPs also handle account administration, billing and reporting. Essentially, TAMPs let professionals delegate asset management responsibilities to someone else who specializes in it. TAMPs can serve all types of investors, from mass market, lower net worth clients to ultra-high net worth individuals. For more information on our TAMP relationships, please view our ADV.

Camelot is proud to offer our investment solutions on the following TAMPs:

Broker/Dealer Platforms