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The bedrock of any good relationship is constructed with the clear expectations that all parties have of one another. It’s not enough to simply have a set of vague expectations in the back of our minds, of course, or to assume that the other parties intuitively know what it is that we expect of them. The more clearly and unambiguously we communicate our expectations, and the more consistently we hold one another accountable for the expectations to which we mutually agree, the stronger, more enduring and more rewarding our relationship will be. That’s what you can expect from us.

The purpose of this article is to explain and illustrate how re-framing your role, deliverables and compensation can dramatically enhance your client relationships, while significantly  differentiating your business.   The path to achieving these objectives begins when the advisor shifts focus away from goals, and, instead, emphasizes quantiable client outcomes. In this process, clients come to measure the advisor’s performance not on how their portfolio compares to the performance of arbitrarily selected indices like the S & P 500, but on how the advisor’s solutions help them to stay on track to achieve their most desired outcomes

The overarching perspective at Camelot Funds is that all investing is done for the purpose of generating a future stream of cash flow – the utility produced by investments. We seek to deliver repeatable, consistent income and the long-term compounding of capital, in part by placing client assets in investments that, in our estimation, are under priced relative to their long-run value. 

It is an interesting truth about our profession that many advisor practices aren’t really operated like businesses. That includes many that have been financially successful for decades. In fact, the majority of practices were not built to survive as a business once the founder who created them retires, dies or is disabled. Developing and implementing an internal succession plan over time is the best, most protable path for increasing the exit value of your business. The basic principles of that process are surprisingly simple. That does not mean that implementing the principles is easy; mindset has to be changed, cash flow has to be managed differently, and the far horizon has to come into sharper focus.

It should come as no surprise that a firm named ‘Camelot’ would place so high a value on the collaborative advisor process, or that it would work diligently to create a ‘Round Table’ of outstanding collaborative professionals who share a single-minded dedication to do the right things for the right reasons for their clients. My commitment to that outlook includes my belief that an individual’s mindset may be the most important determining factor in his or her success. In this article we will examine the benefits of launching new business relationships and activities with a clear mindset, and we will explain how by doing so you can simplify, speed and ultimately make your process more effective for you, your clients, and your collaborative team members.