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Predictive index profile: promoter

Casual, uninhibited; a persuasive extrovert with a tendency for informality.

Jamie Moan

Marketing director / certified storybrand guide

PROFESSIONAL > Jamie joined the Camelot team in 2015 and has over 15 years in marketing and advertising experience. Jamie serves as the lead for Camelot's marketing, while also helping advisors clarify their marketing and brand messaging.  Jamie graduated from The Ohio State University with a bachelor degree in communication and is a Certified StoryBrand Guide.

PASSION > People!  Jamie enjoys developing people and helping them leverage their gifts and talents to leave a legacy of impact.  Jamie is involved with many local non-profits and spent 5 years on the staff of Young Life. 

PERSONAL > Jamie enjoys being outdoors, fixing things, building things, playing basketball with his kids, and skiing (both on water & land) .  Jamie is a husband and father of three. Jamie loves to laugh and therefore tries to spend time with people that can help make that happen.