We have a suite of turnkey investment solutions whether you want to access Camelot directly, through a TAMP, or at your favorite custodian. 

Choose an option that works with your model.



Working with Camelot directly will provide you access to Camelot's suite of turnkey portfolios, separately managed strategies, and a dedicated relationship manager.

Additionally, Camelot’s direct relationships provide advisors access to our specialized consulting services focused on business development, charitable planning, estate planning, and marketing deliverables.



Working with Camelot via platform will provide you access to the turnkey portfolios and separately managed strategies available on your platform. Additionally, we serve platform advisors with access to a dedicated relationship manager.

If you would like to find a Camelot strategy on your platform of choice, we are happy to help you locate your preferred solution.



Much like our individual strategies, Camelot’s Mutual Funds can be added to your portfolios based on desired outcomes. We have three mutual funds:

Premium Return Fund (CPRIX) & Excalibur Small Cap Fund (CEXIX) - Both funds utilize options to deliver cash flow. Visit CamelotFunds.com for more information.

Event-Driven Fund (EVDIX) - This fund invests in companies experiencing major changes that will unlock shareholder value. CamelotEventDrivenFund.com for more information