Premium Stock Dividend Rebalanced

Increased: KMF, PSEC

Decreased: ARCC, UTF, GME

Added: CAT

Removed: KO



In this move, we made three primary moves, swapping one full position and two partial positions.  The full swap was selling KO and buying CAT, which increased future dividends by 6% for 1.5% of the portfolio.  We moved 1% from ARCC to PSEC, which gave us a 27% raise.  We also swapped .5% from UTF to KMF, which gave us a 6% raise.  In aggregate, these three moves gave us an average raise of around 13% for 3% of the portfolio, which equates to a .4% raise for the entire portfolio.  We also made a few minor syncs, which had very little net impact on cash flow, but I believe give us greater total return potential.

CAM A859